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Our Story

Art, expression, and the hustle. Whatever you create – it’s a lifestyle.

At the Vox & Coal Company, we believe your body is a canvas, and you are its artist. We are on a mission to provide your skin with superior all-natural skincare that rejuvenates and enhances, while blurring the lines between luxury and affordability, so you can have the freedom to do what you love.

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Amplify Expression, Deepen Your Identity

Built on the premise of deepening identity through amplified expression, the Vox & Coal Company revolves around three core values of passion, resilience, and innovation while providing customers with the products they need to nourish, maintain, and transform their skin. We ensure the highest levels of customer service, and are inspired by contemporary culture, aiming to make everyone feel stylish and fearless in their own skin.

While we keep our focus on quality, our true objective is to support the lifestyle of our clientele, to give them space to freely translate their inner personality to an outward, bold, and unapologetic energy in the form of their truest selves.

Wherever your creativity takes you, the Vox & Coal Company will be there.
Go out and create.

Meet Our Founder

- Nicholas Ruvalcaba

Flash back with me to November 11, 2015. I was employed as a Heavy Machine Operator in Granada Hills, CA at the time, getting ready for a regular day of work. Stepping out into the cold, crisp morning air with my usual coffee and protein bar breakfast, I grabbed my keys and headed out to start the day’s project. Little did I know that this day would change my life forever.
Hours later, I would be involved in a life-altering accident that would render me immobile for years. Doctors gave me a 60% recovery rate. After fighting through feelings of pain and doubt, I decided that 60% wasn’t good enough.

The road to reclaiming my life was a journey of self-discovery that undoubtedly became the foundation for the concept of Amplify Expression, Deepen Your Identity. Through physical therapy, exercise, and lifestyle changes, I was slowly but surely improving every day. I began to realize that the love I had for this ritual came from a dark place in my life, yet it formed a strong resilience in me that allowed me to pursue the life that I wanted, permitting me to finally surround myself with like-minded people and communities.

Fast forward five years and I’ve found a home in the creative community, a community that allows me the freedom to express my journey in a way that is true to my identity. This path has not been easy, but looking back now, I see the silver lining of all of my struggles, and the reward of my resilience.

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“Somewhere between artistic expression and life’s
resilience lies the art of the tattoo.“

The Product That Started It All 

It’s more than skin deep. Vox & Coal’s Tattoo Aftercare was the first product to ever launch on our site, and was thoughtfully designed with the resilience and perseverance of human nature in mind.

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Heals Your Canvas

Combat dryness and irritation with continuous soothing hydration

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Nourishes and Rejuvenates

Enrich your skin with invigorating all-natural ingredients

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Locks In Moisture

Hydrate skin for faster healing and intense restoration

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Protects Your Tattoo

Amplify your tattoo’s vibrancy with powerful moisture and a luxurious touch